Sunday, 16 June 2013

Happy Father's Day

Today is Father's Day.  I will spend it with my dad and about 100+ of my relatives.  It is a family tradition, started before I was born ... and I hope it will last long after I am gone.  We have races for the children, watermelon for all, and a baseball game where, to my knowledge, only 1 person has ever gotten out.
So, today's post is dedicated to fathers and sons ... to those who stitch and those who merely support our habit.
When my son was very young, he had NO fine motor skills.  A teacher put scissors in his hand -- I gave him a needle and plastic canvas.  To this day, he hand sews his military badges on his uniform and looked at some stuffed animal kits I was passing on recently and kept a few.
I remember when Rosie Grier, (now I am aging myself), announced that he did needlepoint to relax.  That is why I stitch ... why should I be surprised when a man does so.  If Rosie Grier can stitch so can you ... or the men in your life and they can start as soon as they know that a needle is not a weapon.
It doesn't have to be flowers ... check out our Canadian Aviation kits, or surprise him with a firefighter's prayer or his military insignia ... and give it to him undone.  For little beginners, we even have a rocket ship, a train, a boat, horses, dogs, and a dragon.
Happy Father's Day to all the men who follow our blog.  And, if your men don't, forward it to them.  Any man can be a father, but it takes someone very special to be a dad.  XOXO

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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Introducing our Canadian Designers Pt. 3

Our third Canadian designer is Sue Preston, who designs under the name SaggiTaurus Needlecrafts.

The idea for SaggiTaurus started in the summer of 1991, when Sue’s son joined the Canadian Navy.  She wanted to create a unique gift for him and she interpreted his Naval Badge into cross stitch and gave the framed picture to him for Christmas.

Several friends asked her to do a stitchery for them and she realized that she wasn't the only mom, wife, daughter etc... who wanted to honour someone in the Military. Sue became licensed by National Defence Headquarters and the company was born.  She dedicates SaggiTaurus Needlecrafts to the inspiration and continued support of her son and to the unfailing support that our troops give to us.

Sue’s designs go beyond Military bases, badges, insignia, and ship’s crests, to celebrate all that is Canadian.  She has a full line of licenced Anne of Green Gables designs, a line of designs inspired by her customers, called Maritime Memories, which can be stitched individually or as a set, and a line of Classic Aviation projects that includes the Avro Arrow.

Sue also has her fun side.  Her L’il Stitchies are timeless projects that will help to teach counted cross stitch to anyone and her Timely Comments are appropriate for all with a sense of humour.

Ruach Crafts carries all of Sue’s designs, though they have not yet been added to the website.  (Another summer project …)  If you are looking for a project with Canadian content, filled with Canadian pride, look at Sue’s website.  For a full listing of what is available, Sue’s website is or email us at

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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Introducing our Canadian Designers Pt. 2

Our second Canadian designer is Michelle Edmonds, who designs under the name Great Bear Canada.
Michelle is a mild-mannered graphic designer by day and creates needlework magic by night. Friends say she has “happy hands”, because so often she’s found stitching, beading, rug-hooking, doing punch needle, quilting, drawing and painting. Asked to describe herself, she’ll say, “I love to make beautiful things”.

At, you’ll find traditional, Celtic and contemporary cross stitch designs. Her Celtic designs have been featured in Just Cross Stitch magazine.

 Michelle’s next endeavour is launching “Stitcherama”, a site for contemporary, creative types, those crafters who simply must bring more beauty into the world. She hopes you’ll find some humour, inspiration and ideas at .

Ruach Crafts carries all of Michelle’s designs.  Most are posted on our website.  If you are looking for a project with a timeless message, look at our website under Ruach Crafts, and look at Michelle’s designs.

Or, watch for Michelle’s class at the fall Creativ Festival where Michelle will jump-start your holiday d├ęcor with a fun, fast, and easy cross stitch project with a twist. New fibers add new dimensions to this folksy, quirky design of a 5" x 7" Long Tall Santa is based on one of Michelle's art dolls.  It features a very velvety coat, fluffy trim and boisterous beard. 

Participants will experiment with different fibres, try French knots and choose their favourite technique for Santa's beard.

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