Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Where to find us in 2013

Where to find Ruach Crafts in 2013

For those of you in the Ontario/Southern Quebec area, here is our current schedule.  We will be wandering all around these two great provinces and look forward to meeting up with our many friends.  Check out our website, and bring your list, or if you wish to have certain things put away for you, email us in advance for pickup at any one of these shows.

Online Needlework Show  April 18 - 23
Creativ Festival: April 26 – 27  International Centre, Toronto
London Feis: May 4
Kingston Highland Games: May 25 
Sudbury Highland Games: June 1 - 2
Georgetown Highland Games: June 8
Cobourg Highland Games: June 15
Embro Highland Games: July 1
Kincardine Highland Games: July 5 - 7 
Haliburton Highland Games: July 13
Cambridge Highland Games: July 20
Highlands of Durham: July 26-28 Uxbridge 
Glengarry Highland Games: August 2 - 3
Montreal Highland Games: August 4
Fergus Highland Games: August 9 - 11
Bracebridge Highland Games: August 17
North Lanark Highland Games: August 24
National Gymanfa Gaiu: Aug 29 - Sept 1
Beachfest: September 7 - 8 Toronto 
Online Needlework Show October 17 - 22
Creativ Festival: October 25 - 27 Metro Toronto Convention Centre, South Building, Toronto

Keep in mind, if you are not near any of these shows, you can still find most of what we carry on our website, or email us with any inquiries/orders and they will be sent out as soon as we get back into the office.  And, all orders continue to be shipped Free of Charge, anywhere in the world. 

We cannot wait to see you as we meander this summer.

Help us help you keep the Spirit in your Stitching. 

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