Monday, 6 May 2013

Dancing and Teaching...

Cead Mile Failte  - 100,000 Welcomes!

Spent Saturday at the Forest City Feis, an Irish dance competition in London, Ontario.  It took me back to the days when my daughters danced.  “Do you have a needle – my daughters seam split and she goes on stage in 3 minutes!” The high pony tails and curls … “Do you have safety pins – how am I supposed to put on my daughter’s number?” The make-up … “Where is stage B?”  Everywhere there were dancers practising, parents taking pictures and teachers directing children of all ages to point their toes, jump higher, and my favourite … smile!  The costumes were spectacular, the excitement contagious, and the disappointment heart breaking.  I felt right at home.  Bless them all … they were wonderful.

Several “little people” expressed an interest in what I was stitching and I began some of them off on their first project, one of my favourite parts of these shows.  Most parents/grandparents are concerned that their children will be unable to stitch because they are not able to help them.  A dear friend taught my children at 4 and 6 years of age.  Another dear friend always says … “you put the thread in the needle, the needle in the material, you know what an X looks like, make lots of them”.  Stitching will help your children to develop their focus, their fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, it is fun, and it is time with you.  What more could you ask for ….

I am always ready to teach counted cross stitch to children of all ages and I provide all of the supplies free of charge.   Just ask me when you see me at an Irish Feis or Highland Game, or sign up for a free make and take at my booth at the Creativ Festival.  Everyone leaves with my email address and messages with HELP in the subject line get answered first.

Help us help you keep the spirit in your stitching!

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